The Unit of the Public Service of Employment has a space for all Colombians to know firsthand the laws issued by the Entity and the National Government for the sake of transparency and timely information.

Law 1438 of 2011

SUBJECT: Through which the General System of Health Social Security is reformed and other provisions.

Download “Ver Ley 1438 de 2011” 368 KB

Law 789 of 2002

SUBJECT: By establishing rules to support employment and extend social protection and some articles of the modified Labor Code.

Download “Ver Ley 789 de 2002” 724 KB

Law 50 of 1990

SUBJECT: which introduce reforms to the Labor Code and other provisions.

Download “Ver Ley 50 de 1990” 397 KB

Law 1753 of 2015

SUBJECT: By which the National Development Plan 2014-2018 ” Todos por un nuevo país” is issued.

Download “Ver Ley 1753 de 2015” 2 MB

Law 1636 of 2013

SUBJECT: Which creates the Protection Mechanism to the Contributor in Colombia.

OBJECT: To create a Protection Mechanism to the Contributor, whose purpose will be the articulation and implementation of a comprehensive system of active and passive policies of mitigation for workers facing unemployment, while facilitating the reintegration of the unemployed population into the labor market in conditions of dignity, improvement of the quality of life, permanence and formalization. It creates the Public Service of Employment, as a component of this mechanism and efficient and effective job search tool.

Download “Ver Ley 1636 de 2013” 4 MB