Action Plan

The Action Plan is an instrument that articulates the activities and tasks that are developed in the fulfillment of the investment projects and consequently of the Strategic Plan. This document assigns tasks, defines periods, and calculates the use of resources.

This is a summarized presentation of the tasks to be performed by the Deputy Directors, within specific time, using the amount of resources allocated in order to achieve a given objective.

Download “Informe Plan de Acción 2015” 616 KB

Download “Ver Informe Seguimiento Plan de Acción 2016” 799 KB

Download “Plan de Acción 2014” 96 KB

Download “Plan de Acción 2015” 296 KB

Download “Plan de Acción 2016” 148 KB

Download “Plan de Acción 2017” 111 KB

Annual Procurement Plan

The Annual Procurement Plan is a tool to enable state entities to identify, record, schedule and disclose their needs for goods, works and services. In addition to design contracting strategies based on aggregation of demand to increase the efficiency of the procurement process

Download “Plan Anual de Adquisiciones 2015” 76 KB

Download “Plan Anual de Adquisiciones 2016” 83 KB

Anticorruption Plan

The Anti-Corruption Plan is a strategy against corruption and allows the attention to citizenship.

The Unit must implement these actions in order to combat corruption.