Mission and vision



Guarantee the quality of the Public Employment Service, understood as the satisfaction of offerors and applicants in their encounter in the labor market, through the timely and efficient operation of the Network of providers in the field of the articulation and integration of active labor market policies



By 2018 the unit will be recognized as the entity responsible for the Administration, promotion, regulation and monitoring of the Public Employment Service, to respond adequately to the labor market needs, through the articulation of the network of service providers and the integration of different services. This, not only for being the guiding entity but for the competitiveness of its services.


The Public Employment Service is the most widely used medium for seekers and providers of employment to placement and management services. For this, the Unit will be the reference information of the offer and demand of the labor market, of the factors and conditions that affect the quality of the service, and the particularities of the territories of the country.