Functions and duties


According to Decree 2521 of 2013, which establishes the structure of the Special Administrative Unit | Public Employment Service and other provisions, the Unit has the following functions:

  1. To execute the policies regarding the provision of the public service of employment, employment management and labor intermediation.
  2. To manage the public service or employment with the aim of developing with subjection to the principles of efficiency, universality, equality, free choice, comprehensiveness, reliability, transparency and quality.
  3. To keep track of national and transnational collaboration agencies and employment exchange.
  4. To monitor the provision of job public service to verify the quality and the result of the services provided by the authorized allocation agencies and employment exchange, and make recommendations according to the ruling of the Ministry of Labor, when applies.
  5. To promote the creation of operators providing the public service of employment.
  6. To develop tools for employment management and allocation.
  7. To manage the network of service providers of public employment focusing its services in the territories and sectors requiring actions to mitigate unemployment and organization of the public service of employment.
  8. To perform actions of articulation and coordination between national public entities, network providers and other incident actors to achieve a better provision of the public service of employment.
  9. To support the implementation of plans and programs related to the public service of employment for vulnerable population.
  10. To advise and assist national and territorial public entities, network providers and other incident actors to achieve the best organization of the public service of employment.
  11. To design, develop and operate the Information System of the Public Service of Employment in conditions for compatibility and interoperability with the information system the Administrative Sector of Labor, the Management System of Employment for Productivity and those to which it must be integrated.
  12. To manage public resources intended for the corresponding management and allocation of employment, in accordance with the regulations issued by the National Government, as well as those for the creation emergency employment and promoting employment in emergencies.
  13. The other elements determined by the Political Constitution and law according to its mission y nature.