Employment centers

What is an Employment Center?

They are points of attention for citizens who wish to register their resume on the common technological platform, which makes search and access to employment more efficient as a social and public service.

They are part of the Network of Providers, family compensation funds, local authorities, SENA and private agencies duly authorized by the Public Service of Employment Unit.

What are the free basic services offered at employment centers?

  • Registry

Job Seekers Registration: All workers who are interested in changing jobs or better opportunities can register their resume on the virtual service portal www.serviciodeempleo.gov.co or service points across the country.

Registration of Employers and Vacancies: Entrepreneurs, who are looking for workers according to their needs, can register their vacancies on the service portal www.serviciodeempleo.gov.co or in person at the attention point across the country.

  • Orientation

Orientation to Job Seekers: Workers who come to the Employment Centers can receive guidance and analyze their competencies, skills and needs to facilitate their employment relationship.

Employers’ Orientation: The professionals of the Employment Centers accompany the entrepreneurs to understand their needs and subsequently publish their vacancy, so that it is easier and faster to find their workers.


  • Preselection of candidates to fill vacancies

In order to fill the vacancy, a selection of the potential candidates who meet the requirements requested by the employers is made.

  • Remission

It is the process by which, the operators of the Public Service of Employment send the profiles of the shortlisted candidates to the employers.

  • Other offered services:

In the Employment Centers, you will also be able to find services of training, certification of competences, unemployment subsidy and support to the enterprise.

Which employment center can I approach to?

Locate the employment center on the map according to your city of residence and approach the point of your preference.