Our Director


Claudia Ximena Camacho Corzo.

The Director of the employment service is a woman from Bucaramanga that specializes in the areas of economic development, follow-up and evaluation of labor market policies. Her academic performance and outstanding work experience are her best letter of presentation, allowing her to assume this position today.

She is an economist from the Universidad Industrial de Santander, with specialization in Social economics at the Universidad de los Andes and a master’s degree in economics from the National University, and she has held important positions in the public sector especially in Bogota, where in the last 10 years was dedicated to design and implement the public employment policy of the Capital District.

Between 2012 and 2013, Claudia published four documents, which are important benchmarks for discussion on employment policy, these are:

  • Informality in Bogota: features and policy responses.
  • Quality of the work in Bogota: an approach from the decent work approach.
  • The decent work in Bogota. Diagnosis, analysis and perspectives.
  • Baseline for the construction of a public policy of decent work in Bogotá.

After exercising for a year as Deputy Director of Administration and follow-up of this same entity, she assumes the General Direction in which she is committed to strengthen the service of employment to national level and especially with an approach of regions.